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Rachel has been a godsend for me. My 5 longhaired cats used to be put under general anesthesia before a groomer would de-matt their fur but not Rachel, She has a way with animals. I call her my cat whisperer. My cats have never been happier.

-Betty F.

Most folks don’t consider having their cats groomed by a professional groomer or they think either their cats or the groomer wouldn’t survive it. That’s what I used to think. After having our 3 girls taken care of by Rachel Diller of Urban Sophisticats, I know everything on this card is true about Rachel. Dora, Soleil and Mishka (me too!) are the better for being in her.

-Linda P.

I took Snookie in for grooming as she sheds so much. She looks wonderful! So soft! Shedding is under control. Thanks Rachel!

-Lisa J.

Rachel is amazing! My Boots has a very “high maintenance” coat and tends to get matted a lot and Rachel works her magic and I now have a purring Princess again. Highly highly recommended!

-Angelia L.


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