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If you have never had your cat professionally groomed before, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have.  We can’t wait to meet you and your feline(s)!

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Benefits of Cat Grooming

The Hair Balls

A most unusual specimen that typically appears just when guests are about to arrive. This indescribable blob on the floor is almost always discovered by the guest rather than the cat owner. And if having your obsessively clean mother-in-law find a hairball on the kitchen floor isn’t bad enough, the sound of your cat barfing one up is.

Beyond the shedding and subsequent hairballs, cat owners often find themselves battling tangles, mats, eye stains, and more. This is where the professional cat groomer comes in. The cat groomer, you see, is the brave soul who fearlessly takes on the deadly challenge of immersing an animal into a tub full of what it hates most. Cat vs. Water. Big strong cat with sharp teeth and eighteen VERY sharp claws vs. tub of water AND cat groomer. You get the picture!

“Rachel is amazing! My Boots has a very high maintenance coat and tends to get mated a lot and Rachel works her magic and I now have a purring Princess again. Highly highly recommended!”

-Angela L.

Meet the Groomers

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