Before and After

A picture is worth a thousand words

We invite you to take a look at our “Before & After” gallery to show you what we can do with just about any cat. You will be amazed by the transformation after only one short visit to our grooming salon. And your cat will thank you afterward because it feels so much better!

Specific Grooming

For an idea of some of the services and styles we offer, please select “Grooming Styles” from the drop-down menu. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what styles and options are best for your cat and your lifestyle. Once we visit with you and actually see your kitty, we will be able to provide you with the best options that suit your specific needs.

Greasy Hair

The cat groomer’s job is to wash that grease right out of the hair. Keeping the grease away with a good bath, blow dry, and comb-out will do wonders for any feline. It is a known fact that after a thorough grooming session the amount of shedding and hairballs is significantly lessened. This in turn makes you fall in love with your little furrball all over again now that life and the living room carpet are a lot cleaner. “Fluffy” is still fluffy and looking mighty fine.

The Little Things

Besides coat care, a good cat groomer will also take the time to thoroughly clean the cat’s ears and clip all nails so they are no longer vicious weapons used on you just when you least expect it. A cat groomer also keeps a sharp eye out for signs of fleas, ear mites, and an assortment of other feline-related inconveniences. Catching these conditions early on can help prevent more serious problems and the huge vet bills that accompany them.


Soft Paws


Blow Dry


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