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Welcome! This is step one, find an instructor! Step two is to buy the complete syllabus through NCGIA and begin your path towards a rewarding career in CAT GROOMING!

It is recommended that students have completed NCGI online courses (especially Cat Grooming Basics or Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus) before coming to hands-on instruction. This is to maximize the time we can spend working on cats since you have already covered the background knowledge and viewed tutorials of each grooming service. It is also recommended that you have taken at least 2 written exams if you wish to work towards your Certified Feline Master Groomer certification during your PPI days.


What do I offer?

Well, first off, we are a high volume salon. We handle our workload day to day in an extremely different setting than say, an in-home groomer or mobile groomer. Most cat groomers prefer to work solo in a salon too.


Essential skills I can pass on for the right students:

  • Organizing your day, where do you start?
  • Feeling Overwhelmed, how to check yourself before you wreck yourself. (Policies and why we have them in place.)
  • Routine and why it is important.
  • Handling skills and choosing which cat first. Planning the battle, I mean…. controlling the domino effect.
  • Aggressive cats, health issues and why clients expect us to be their vet… setting boundaries and knowing your worth.
  • PPI Instruction based on NCGIA requirements. Obviously, this is a must. You have to have the syllabus so that you understand what it actually means to be a CFMG. The lingo, the rules, the mental wherewithal to enjoy your newly found ability.


What tools do you need?

Good question! I ask that you bring the following items with you to all your days here:

  • Clothing & shoes appropriate for grooming (smock top/pants, closed-toe shoes)
  • Clipper with a #10 blade (we recommend the Wahl KM10, KM Cordless and Bravura)
  • {We also recommend bringing extra blades, however we have 5-in-1 blades available for sale} Nail trimmer, Greyhound-style comb, Face/Feet comb, and Air Muzzle
  • Study materials from NCGI – access to your online classes, books, DVDs, etc.

These items can be purchased or rented for an additional cost at Urban Sophisticats. Please let me know ahead of time so I can make sure all items are on standby.

Rates & Days

Testing can be available after your PPI time for written exams. All fees are paid to NCGIA in advance.

For more information, please email me at

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Benefits of Cat Grooming

The Hair Balls

A most unusual specimen that typically appears just when guests are about to arrive. This indescribable blob on the floor is almost always discovered by the guest rather than the cat owner. And if having your obsessively clean mother-in-law find a hairball on the kitchen floor isn’t bad enough, the sound of your cat barfing one up is.

Beyond the shedding and subsequent hairballs, cat owners often find themselves battling tangles, mats, eye stains, and more. This is where the professional cat groomer comes in. The cat groomer, you see, is the brave soul who fearlessly takes on the deadly challenge of immersing an animal into a tub full of what it hates most. Cat vs. Water. Big strong cat with sharp teeth and eighteen VERY sharp claws vs. tub of water AND cat groomer. You get the picture!

“I took Snookie in for grooming as she sheds so much. She looks wonderful! So soft! Shedding is under control. Thanks Rachel!”

-Lisa J

Meet the Groomers

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