Meet the Groomers

Rachel Diller ~ CFMG, NCMG

5712E9C2-77B4-495A-8634-510A86AC8262Rachel Diller is the owner, consultant and groomer of Urban Sophisticats in Historic Downtown Littleton, Colorado.  She is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer as well as a Certified Feline Master Groomer.  Starting out young, having a love for animals since she was a wee lass.  At least, that is how her family puts it.  Coming from an animal based childhood; with horses, dogs, birds, reptiles, cats and several other animal species; she has a broad view of animal care.  Rachel has worked with several top companies, such as the Kong Company and Best Friends Pet Care.  She mentored under the best breeders and handlers with top ranking dogs and cats to bring to you the skill and knowledge, in working with your pets, to achieve the best possible grooming experience.

Rachel is owned by English Mastiffs, Afghan Hounds and a Persian Cat.  Of course, the numbers always vary depending on who is coming and going.  Her affinity for animals grows with every chance she has to make a difference in any of their lives.

As for her cat grooming history, she has always offered those services in every shop, clinic or boarding facility she has worked for.  The skills came natural to her and her passion to groom them became obvious as time went on.  One day, she read an article about Dog Grooming vs Cat Grooming by Danelle German.  This article talked about different skills involved with grooming dogs and how those same types of skills may or may not apply to cats.  They are two different species and need to be treated that way.  MOST groomers that do offer cat grooming apply their dog grooming techniques to get the job finished.  That article is what motivated Rachel to complete her Certified Feline Master Grooming education.  She has been professionally and expertly trained to groom cats and loves every second of it!

If this is not what you’re looking for, because you own a dog, Rachel also owns The Poodle Shop in Littleton.  About one mile away!  For more information, you can go to


Jaclyn Kuzmich ~ CFMG

I have been involved with animals as long as I can remember. Whether I was riding double on my Grandpa’s horses or off to a dog show with my sister, Rachel Diller. I knew at a very young age I would dedicate the rest of my life to working with animals. Whether it be in the grooming salons or at home with my Springers and Himalayans.

Growing up with Rachel and her Mastiffs gave me my start in the dog show world. I quickly picked up on Junior Handling with a Clumber Spaniel, my first show dog I co-owned named Atria. I then moved on to a little Mastiff named Simone. We retired our partnership with #1 Junior Handler in the breed of Mastiffs with limited showing and Top 20 in the Working Group in the country. I decided I needed a coated breed to compete stronger. I was hooked on sporting breeds since Atria and wanted an English Springer Spaniel. Henry (my first springer) had 52 Best Of Breeds with limited showing and countless Junior Handler placements. Henry is retired and loved life until his passing at 13. You could often find me running around showing multiple dogs for Professional Handlers/Breeders. Most of the handlers I helped out had dogs with Multiple Best in Shows, Group Placements, and countless Breed wins. George Alston and Corky Vroom have been my idols since I started showing dogs. Together, they have had several Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show winners and some of the most legendary show dogs of all time.

I have attended two George Alston Seminars for Advanced Handling with my boy Henry. George actually showed Henry’s great-grandfather back in the 80’s. One of the top winning Springers of all time. After I retired Henry, I mentored under Lynda O’Connor of Gold Camp Springers, Tekla Viker of Dartek Springers and Julie Roberts of Eldamar Springers. These ladies have been breeding/showing/raising Springers for 30 plus years. I am truly grateful for the stepping stones they have provided me in the dog show world as well as their impeccable grooming capabilities. Caleb, was my promising young Springer, he is my heart-dog and produced my first litter with my girl Sailor. Sporting breeds are my forte, I understand their sensitivity and emotional needs being a spaniel or a retriever. I develop a great bond with most dogs, however if they have spaniel behind their name we just click. Rachel mentored me as I started grooming dogs and now cats, I grew up with her in The Poodle Shop and now at Urban Sophisticats. I continue to grow my knowledge of the grooming standards of this industry.

In the fall of 2014 I traveled to South Carolina, to a school called the National Cat Groomers Institute of America to learn the secrets of cat grooming. I like to think of it as “Special Forces” grooming. There, I studied under Danelle German, Olivia German and Lynn Paolillo. It takes a trained and passionate person for this specific kind of animal. They are lovely to pamper and the emotional rewards are wonderful. I returned as a fresh CFMG and was hooked. I adore Himalayans/Persians and hope to start a show career with my young Flame Point, Fender.